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About Achieva's After School Program

Achieva's After School Program consists of exciting activies that are designed to build creative minds with fun and creative themes. Facilitated by qualified teachers and takes place at your school.



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Two and a half hours per day starting immediately
after school for as low as $18.00 per day.

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A Message from the Owner:

"After years of teaching and tutoring, I came to fully understand that the needs of each child are as unique as the children themselves.

Achieva's Tutoring and After School Programs are all designed around the truth that children learn better when they are comfortable with the teacher. We do what we can, where possible. Thank you for considering Achieva – Your Best Fit for Success."

Bonnie Hayward
B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.(Leadership)
Owner/General Director
Achieva Educational Services

LANGUAGE ARTS - All aboard for Achieva's fun and creative way to encourage a love of reading and writing while improving grades. Ever imagine the ending of a book before you reach it? Or think you could write a better ending? You'll fit right in!

ART - Achieva understands the importance of art in both school and life. From arts and crafts to the discovery of art criticism for more advanced students, this theme day is fun for art lovers of all ages.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Achieva cares about your body too! Physical Education is vital for healthy development, and we encourage fun activities both indoors and outdoors. We offer free play, a full range of games to please sports enthusiasts, and Zumba class for aerobic and dance lovers.

MATH – We have figured out ways to sneak those tricky math concepts into everyday fun! Whether learning about the basics of radial symmetry while designing Mandalas or tracking our unpredictable weather on line graphs to determine patterns and trends, our Achieva teachers take the mystery out of math.

THEATRE ARTS - Achieva encourages our students to put their imaginations to work to write, stage, and perform one play per year under the guidance of our talented teachers and well-known local actors. Then parents and family members are invited to see their budding stars on stage!

SCIENCE - Experimentation is the spice of life during Achieva's science theme day. We provide students with fun and creative ways to experiment and learn about physics, chemistry, earth science, weather patterns, and more!

Calling all budding reporters and journalists! There is always news to report at Achieva, and one of the biggest news items in Newfoundland tends to be the weather. Our student reporters and journalists get to perfect their skills as they report the news and local weather on a regular basis.

Leaders rock! Achieva offers every student both Leadership and Peer Mentoring opportunities. From involvement with community-based initiatives to the opportunity to teach a new skill to the group, our students shine and teach us just as much as we teach them.

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84-86 Elizabeth Avenue, Regatta Plaza II
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Office Hours: Call us anytime!
Office Line: 709-237-8393
Office Email:
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Owner Cell: 709-746-8393
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